For my third birthday I got a sturdy yellow Dinky Toy. An Euclid dumptruck. Maybe a little bit young, but it started my interest in cars and other models. Now 51 years later the Euclid is still in good shape.
In the beginning new cars arrived at birthdays, in holidays (especially the rainy ones to keep me occupied) and so on. My grandparents started to give me a 'zondagsdubbeltje' (dubbeltje is a coin of 10 cts) at the age of seven, i think. A Dinky was too expensive, but Matchbox costed 45 cts. That's one every month!
And the shop just around the corner sold Matchbox models. Among quit a lot of everything. Most of the shop was occupied with pots and pans and everything you need in a household. But at one long row directly behind the windowpane there were that yellow and blue boxes with on top of each box the model. Sometimes there was a hole in the row as a model was sold out. The shopkeeper, mr. Schip, we referred allways to the shop itself by that name, never had more than two pieces of each. And he didn't know anything about it. You had to tell him the number. If you asked for a model by it's name, he sent you outside to look up the number on the box. He was lucky his shop window had just the right width for 75 boxes. An empty place was filled at the next shipment with a brand new model.
Amazingly how much joy i had with looking through the window and arguing with my brother and deciding which one to buy the next month.